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Фигуры и Цвета для детей

1.6 usd

This app will help kids recognize and remember basic colors and shapes through play. The games are easy and interesting even for toddlers. They are colorful and exciting. The app contains guidelines for parents on how to use it to make the process of education both entertaining and effective.The free version has 6 shapes, 6 colors, and 3 items for drawing. Modes:Learning shapes.“Find a shape” game will help your kid get to know main geometrical shapes.
Learning colorsWith “Find a color” game your child will learn basic colors.
Learning colored shapes“Find a shape of the right color” game will help to bring together and practice shapes and colors learnt.
“Draw a shape” gameThe goal of this game is to practice the shapes learnt and to develop fine motor skills.
“Color a shape” game is about matching shapes and colors mastered.